Meet The Team

Supreme Empire doesn’t sell a tangible product. Our “product” is customer service that puts a smile on your face. And customer service is all about our people. We’re a team of honest, down-to-earth people who strive to give you the same high quality service we’d like to receive. Get to know us below!



Joe is the owner and founder of Supreme Empire Junk Removal & Services LLC. Originally born & raised in Central California, and moved to Las Vegas Nevada in 2016 with his Wife for a new opportunity. Joe's favorite hobby is Hiking the trails of Red Rock & challenging light demolition jobs (since his wife does not allow him to "fix" anything in the house...)


Karina is the Vice President of Supreme Empire Junk Removal & Services LLC. Karina is the behind-the-scenes manager of Supreme Empire. She manages the books, phones, schedules, dispatching, and more! Karina's favorite hobby is working out & spending time with her newborn daughter.



Mila is the Chief Operating Officer of Supreme Empire Junk Removal & Services LLC. She is a bit young but very determined & Intelligent. Mila's excels very well in Marketing, Making tough company decisions & not letting her parents sleep at night. Her favorite hobby is spending time with her father & mother.