• Joe C.

Junk Removal in Space Starting 2025?!

Imagine launching a 4 armed suicidal robot into space to clean up all trash, debris & broken satellites in SPACE...

No we aren't crazy...

According to ESA (European Space Agency) has commissioned ClearSpace-1, a trash collector designed to clean up hazardous space junk, for launch in 2025. According to their statement made on Monday. Their plan is to establish a "new market for in-orbit servicing, as well as debris removal."ESA is teaming up with Swiss startup ClearSpace on the world's first space debris removal mission, named ClearSpace-1. The startup says there's about 2,000 functioning a 3,000 broken satellites littering space. Described as a "tow truck," ClearSpace-1 is fitted with robotic arms to grab satellites. The ClearSpace-1 Space Tow truck 1st mission will target a midsize Space Junk which estimated to weigh 220 lbs. ClearSpace Tow Truck will grab the target with its robotic arms and commit kamikaze back into Earth atmosphere creating a fiery ball and eventually evaporating into Gas. The cost of the mission is estimated to be around $133 million. They aim to start the project in March 2020 and ClearSpace-1 is planned to launch in 2025.

If you've always thought about starting a business I heard through the grapevine

that Space Garbage Collection Business is very profitable! (wink, wink.)

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