• Joe C.

To Junk or not to Junk?

Did you know that Americans spend 240 Billion USD a year in goods such as jewelry, electronics, books & etc. As we keep purchasing new items for our home what do we do with the old items? Most likely we store them in our closet, back yard, garage or EVEN WORSE..... paying for a storage unit to store our junk. And before we know it we have a small, medium or large pile of junk just taking up space in your life. There are many ways to get rid of your items that can be possibly be reused and even help out your community! Here is a list of ways to get rid of your items:

Got old clothes: Donate to Nevada Partnership Homeless Youth https://nphy.org/ , Salvation Army, Good will.

Electronics: Donate at Goodwill, Salvation army or Nevada Electronics Recycling Center.

Furniture: Donate to your local churches, Goodwill or any donation center that accepts furniture

Or if you wish to get rid of it all at once our Junk Removal Services can assist you with removing your items. Our junk removal service donates & recycles 60% of your junk before disposing at our landfills. We're also available 7 days a week and provide Same Day or Next Day Service. Just give us a call or send a pic of your items to 702-449-1223 for a free quote.

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