Stop parking your car in the driveway, while the stuff you never use is nice and protected inside the garage. Large Appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers can be hauled away along with furniture, mattresses, sporting goods, lumber, lawn equipment, clothing and boxes and bags full of miscellaneous items

Residential Moving Clean up:

If you are moving from your home or already have, chances are you have some boxes or other items that you would like to get rid of. In some cases, the previous owners may have left the items behind like large appliances, furniture, and other items. Supreme Empire can get rid of any and all of those items and much more.

Estate Clean-outs:

We've come to understand that when a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up their apartment or house. We realize that house is filled with tons of memories for you and your family and it will be very difficult to move on. We are very proud to have the opportunity to help our customers in their time of need and reviews to help remind us why we do what we do.

We know that we must be both efficient and understanding when cleaning out an estate as our customers focus on what matters most to them in their time of grief. Once organized, we help families transport and donate items that belong to departed family members. Letting their memories live on as their furniture is used by another local family in need.

A stress-free clean out with our polite, uniformed, and insured luggers is what we're offering. We hope we can be there to help you when you need us most to clean out your loved one estate.

Real estate & foreclosure

Trash Out

Bank & Real Estate Agents can also work with Supreme Empire to handle Foreclosed homes or other distressed properties. We Make this process affordable and easy with upfront pricing, easy scheduling, and fast service.

At Supreme Empire, we offer property clean-out services to help families during what may be a difficult time. Following a major life change, you may need an estate property clean-out to take care of the leftover items and stray garbage. Supreme Empire offers the friendly, fast, and professional service you need to get this taken care without any additional stress.

Rental / Eviction clean-outs

Are you a Landlord or Property Manager who recently evicted or tenant lease just ended, leaving your property with trash & furniture behind? Supreme Empire property clean-out services help you get the property prepared for leasing. We can speed up your turnaround time and have your rental property completely cleaned out within a few hours. As a property manager or owner, you have enough on your plate. Consider Supreme Empire Junk Removal an extension of your team. We're here when you need us, ready to help whip your property into shape. We'll remove whole units full of garbage, discarded furniture, and other debris. And we'll leave the property swept clean.

Light demolition

Not only do we remove junk but also provide Light Demolition services. Light Demolition meaning small projects such as Sheds, Jacuzzi / Hot Tub / Spa, Cabinets, Patio's, Gazebos, Small Structures and much much more! So, if you have a eye sore in your property and it needs to be demolished & hauled away look no further & hire Supreme Empire Junk Removal & Services LLC. Las Vegas & Henderson Favorite Junk Removal Company.

Construction Debris

Are you remodeling your home or a contractor who finished a construction project and left with the trash / debris? When you choose Supreme Empire Junk Removal simply point at the pile you need removed and we'll take care of the rest. Our team will do all the lifting, loading, sweeping & hauling so you don't have to. Leaving your home or project spotless.

Hot tub, Spa & Jacuzzi Removal

We all love our Hot Tubs but when they break down and the cost of repairing your Hot Tub cost as much as a new one that just doesn't make sense! Now you're left with two choices either contact a repairman and pay upwards to $1,000+ for repairs, or choose us to remove your Hot Tub starting at $375 (all hot tubs prices vary contact us for a free estimate). As time passes by your Jacuzzi is starting to become a non working eyesore in your backyard.  We at Supreme Empire Junk Removal offer Same Day to Next Day Hot Tub Removals at a very affordable price. The process is simple we'll either safely remove your hot tub by placing it on 4 wheel dollies / dolly and loading into our dump truck or if it's unsafe to do so & obstacles are in the way we'll either cut up the hot tub in 4 pieces, load them onto our dump truck and sweep up any left over debris.